#FridayFive: Top 5 STEM YouTube Channels for Kids

#FridayFive: Top 5 STEM YouTube Channels for Kids

Books will always be an essential part of the classroom. However, new technology allows us to discover and explore other outlets to help students learn, such as engaging with 3D content or doing hands-on experiments.

Free online resources have also become a phenomenon in the education industry. YouTube videos can be a great resource to supplement students’ STEM education (and not a bad way to catch a breather now and then). Check out our #FridayFive list of STEM YouTube channels.

1. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Incorporating YouTube into your lessons may have you feeling like an education innovator, but you can still go retro with Bill Nye. The channel contains video clips from episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy — and the titles tell you exactly what the content is about, so it’s easy to search around and explore.

Find the Bill Nye YouTube channel here.

2. Sick Science!

Science giant Steve Spangler has a few YouTube channels that are worth checking out. Sick Science! specializes in simple experiments you can try in the classroom or at home.

Find the Sick Science! YouTube channel here.

3. MinutePhysics

MinutePhysics covers all things physics — it even answers the important question, “Is it better to walk or run in the rain?”

This channel strives to explain complex science in easy-to-understand terms, and it’s great for students of all ages.

Find the MinutePhysics YouTube channel here.

4. Brusspup

Brusspup features crazy science illusions. The videos vary in quality, and it seems the most recent uploads are best.

Check out the circle illusion below to blow your mind!

Find the Brusspup YouTube channel here.

5. Periodic Videos

This channel has a video for each element on the periodic table, plus tons of extras.

Side note: check out the hair.

6. Bonus: check out the Cyber Science 3D YouTube Channel!

Fly though the solar system made of our 3D models, learn basic tools through our tutorials, and more.

Find (and subscribe to) our YouTube channel here.