About Us

About Us

VIVED (formerly Cyber Science 3D) is shaping the future of educational content creation in the sciences. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, VIVED leverages leading technologies to enrich student outcomes through interactive 3D content and simulations. Employing top creative professionals in software engineering, 3D modeling, user experience design, and science education curriculum, VIVED delivers cutting-edge content accessible across all devices and platforms of today’s classroom including Virtual Reality. VIVED produces content for educators, publishers, corporations and governments worldwide.

Company History

Our initial product, Cyber Anatomy Med VR, was developed in response to a need in third world countries that were having difficulty obtaining cadavers for medical training due to religious or cultural reasons. This award-winning product, was presented an immersive, interactive, 3D experience which was unparalleled. Anatomy students were able to experience dissection virtually, holographically, for the first time.

After the company’s initial development, we partnered with market leader ELSEVIER (the publishers of Grey’s Anatomy and the Netter Atlas) to transform the system into Netter’s 3D Interactive Anatomy Powered by Cyber-Anatomy. This award winning product has been adopted by several leading medical schools, including Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, and the University of Chicago.

Following the launch of Netter’s Interactive Anatomy Powered by Cyber-Anatomy, the company began development of Cyber Science 3D, a K-12 version of our software for virtual dissections, such as Frogs and Fetal Pigs. The educational library now has thousands of powerful interactive experiences we call activities.

Most recently, VIVED and Gale, Cengage Learning created a web based innovative learning aid for academic libraries which allows students to examine virtual 3D dissections and immerse themselves in interactive research.

Our Clients

VIVED’s solutions are being used by 6 of the top 25 largest districts and thousands of other K-12 schools in the United States, 4,000 schools in Indonesia, and over 200 schools in the United Arab Emirates. The software is also used in China, England, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, and Vietnam, among other countries.