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Boost engagement and outcomes of your chemistry students. With VIVED, students have unlimited digital lab time.

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We have collaborated with leading experts in science and engineering to create the VIVED platform

5 E's Framework

VIVED is aligned to the 5 E’s Instructional Framework, to help inspire student curiosity around chemistry concepts.

Curriculum-aligned, interactive learning activities

VIVED Chemistry is designed to make learning chemistry easier and more fun for students.

Our 3D models provide detailed visual representations of chemistry concepts, enabling students to explore the hidden world of elements, molecules, compounds, inorganic chemistry, crystals, and organic chemistry.


The full VIVED library contains over 1000 3D interactive models. Explore our Carbonic Acid activity now!

The VIVED Experience​

VIVED Chemistry 3D models

VIVED 3D Models

VIVED 3D models are detailed and dissectible, enabling students to explore visual representations of chemistry concepts layer by layer. 

The VIVED platform is intuitive to use, and students can access the library of models from any device, any where.

A science teacher demonstrates a VIVED 3D model to their students using a tablet

Built in Assessments

The VIVED activities feature built-in ungraded assessments to help students track their own progress when learning independently.

Empower your students with a personalized learning tool.

An Anatomy teacher smiles in front of her class

Create bespoke content

Teachers and educators can use the VIVED library of 3D models to create their own interactive activities. The VIVED Content Creation Platform is an intuitive tool for creating high-quality, bespoke resources.

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