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Empowering educators to become creators with the VIVED Content Creation Platform

VIVED is trusted by 3000+ schools and 2,000,000 students

Easy to Use

Our intuitive platform enables content producers, teachers, and students to create engaging learning content

1000+ models

Create interactive content using our library of over 1000+ 3D models, 3D labs and 3D simulations


VIVED is a no-code, browser based platform, and can be accessed on any device, at home or at school.

Content creation made simple

The VIVED Content Creation Platform enables anyone to create high-quality interactive learning content using our library of over 1000 3D models.

The VIVED approach to creating educational resources is transforming the way we teach and learn.


With the VIVED platform, you can create professional quality, highly engaging activities.
Try our ‘Muscles of Mastication’ activity and experience the power of learning with VIVED!

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Teachers love VIVED

The VIVED Content Creation Experience

Two students look at a VIVED model on a laptop in the science lab at school

For Students

Students can further their understanding of a subject and demonstrate their learnings by building their own interactive presentations.

A science teacher demonstrates a VIVED 3D model to their students using a laptop

For Teachers

Boost engagement in your classroom by creating bespoke activities. The VIVED platform is quick and simple to use, enabling you to create professional-quality resources in minutes.

A content creator uses VIVED to create educational, interactive science activities

For Content Creators

VIVED is an economical solution for content creators who need to make high-quality resources without investing in developers and designers. With our no-code tool, anyone can create high-quality learning content.

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