7 Career Opportunities for 3D Modelers

Men sitting in front of two monitors working on 3D rendering

3D modeling is vastly progressing in all industries. Its use is slowly becoming a necessity, which is great news for 3D modelers.  The diverse use of 3D modeling also means that you need to adapt your skills and navigate towards the use of software that you need for a specific career. That’s why it can […]

Are your teachers able to teach online?

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Teachers under-prepared PD for in-class teaching, not online Before the pandemic , teacher professional development (PD) was focused on in-class teaching. Now, getting teachers ready for remote online learning has become the top priority in many school districts. This includes figuring out what resources intended for in-class work can be used and then either converting […]

You are not alone: In search of solutions for online learning

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Learn / Teach in 3D Are you looking for new edtech solutions providers?  Where will you look for help? Local or national organizations?  Learning companies?  Peers?  How are they responding?  Is online learning working in other districts?  For those districts that are succeeding, what do the attendance or activity metrics look like thus far?  How […]

STEM Resources

11 Sensational STEAM Teaching Resources Fun Science Experiments for Kids Understanding STEAM and How Children Use It The Benefits of Teaching STEAM Lessons STEAM Games, Apps and Sites | Common Sense Education 10 Easy, Affordable DIY STEM Experiments to Keep Kids and Teens Engaged Learn It By Art: STEAM Education Resources Engineering the Future: The […]

VIVED receives Gazette Business Award

VIVED receives ‘Made in the Corridor Award’ VIVED received the ‘Made in the Corridor’ Award, for creating classroom content using 3D modeling and virtual reality. See the full article here

Best Apps for Studying

Study Apps Studying isn’t as simple as it used to be. Before the dawn of the internet, you had libraries and lecture notes. You would have guest lecturers and encyclopedias. Now many of those resources are available to you free of charge and at a moment’s notice. This increases the standards placed on you and […]

North Cedar Community School District Adopts Vived Science

Vived Science in the Classroom March 27, 2015 Mechanicsville, IOWA—On March 25, the innovative technology of VIVED Science was implemented into the North Cedar Community School District. The district purchased a system for the students in an effort to enhance engagement and curriculum personalization. The installed package, VIVED Science, is educational software paired with the […]

How to make complex concepts clear with technology

Education Technology Advancement The advancement of new education technology is transforming classrooms across the globe. From hand-held tablets to 3D models, teachers are implementing new tools to optimize learning experiences.   Students who struggle with understanding complex concepts — whether it’s a math problem or understanding how molecules react — can benefit from innovative learning […]

The college student’s guide to a productive day

College Student Schedule Unlike a full-time, 9-5 job, a college student’s schedule is generally broken up with a few classes per day — meaning, there’s no obligation to stay in a certain place and work for eight hours. Unless students set up their courses to run back-to-back, many undergrads find themselves with at least an hour to kill before their next […]