Constructing Success: Why the Construction Industry is a Goldmine for CTE Graduates

As the construction industry in the USA continues to expand, Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates are finding themselves at the forefront of a sector ripe with opportunity. The demand for skilled construction professionals is surging, driven by economic growth, infrastructural development, and technological advancements.

How Carpentry Skills Shape Future Engineers

Wooden House Frame

Carpentry, often perceived as a traditional craft, plays a crucial role in shaping the skill sets of future engineers and architects. This blog delves into how carpentry skills lay a solid foundation for these professionals, contributing significantly to their success.

The Evolution of Studying Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy in the Renaissance, drawing of a man

The study of human anatomy has been a cornerstone of medical knowledge for centuries. This blog explores the evolution of anatomical study from its ancient roots to the modern era, culminating in the innovative VIVED Anatomy platform.

The Most Iconic Infrastructure Projects in US History

Hoover Damn, Infrastructure projects in America

The United States has a rich history of ambitious infrastructure projects that have not only shaped its landscape but also its identity. This blog takes you on a journey through some of the most iconic infrastructure projects in US history, highlighting their significance and the engineering feats behind them.

Exploring Diverse Careers in Construction

Architect looking at a building and a blueprint

Carpentry, often perceived as a traditional trade, is in fact a stepping stone to a multitude of career paths in the construction industry. This blog explores how mastering carpentry skills can open doors to diverse and rewarding careers, shaping the future of aspiring professionals.

Unlocking the Future of Anatomy Education: The Power of Interactive 3D Anatomy Education

Man learning human anatomy, holding a tablet with VIVED Learning Anatomy Course

The study of anatomy, with its intricate structures and systems, has always been a cornerstone of medical and science education. Traditional methods, involving textbooks and cadaver dissections, have been the norm for decades. However, with the rise of technology, interactive 3D content and simulations are revolutionizing anatomy education in colleges worldwide.

Embracing Interactive 3D Science Education

Science students in a school science lab with their teacher

Science, the systematic study of the universe, has always been a subject of wonder and curiosity. From the microscopic world of cells to the vast expanse of the cosmos, science seeks to unravel the mysteries of existence.

The Role of Immersive Digital Learning in Trade Education

Man working in a carpentry studio, holding a tablet with VIVED Learning Carpentry Course

Carpentry, a trade that has been honed and perfected over millennia, is undergoing a transformation. While the essence of the craft remains rooted in hands-on experience and tactile learning, the methods of imparting these skills are evolving. Enter immersive digital learning, a groundbreaking approach that’s reshaping trade education, especially in carpentry.