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We extend a warm invitation for you to become a part of our EmpowerEd Program. Unlock a realm of valuable resources, connect with fellow educators, and join us on an inspiring journey.

Empowering Schools and Educators

As champions of exceptional education, your role stands as a cornerstone in shaping the trajectory of learning ahead. By enrolling in the EmpowerEd Program, you’ll gain access to a treasury of exclusive specialized training materials, carefully crafted to enrich your classroom endeavors. These rewards are meticulously designed to elevate your teaching experience.

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Courses: $999 / building - 20% off for users

A Robust Network of Resilience

Step into a vibrant, dynamic community that shares your ardor for advancing the realm of carpentry education. Forge alliances with fellow educators, exchange invaluable insights, and draw inspiration from a mosaic of diverse perspectives. This collaborative space is thoughtfully fashioned to aid you in honing your teaching methods and infusing renewed vigor into your classroom.

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Tailored Guidance: Navigating Your Path

Experience the potency of dedicated support from our Ambassador Success Team. We recognize the distinctiveness of each school, and our team is poised to aid you in seamlessly integrating our carpentry courses with your curriculum. Your triumph is our focal point, and our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring an optimal learning odyssey for your students.

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Becoming a Part of EmpowerEd

Elevate Education

Your advocacy for superior education will metamorphose learning landscapes, arming students with skills that unlock boundless opportunities.

Course Assistance

Our Ambassador Success Team is your steadfast companion, shepherding you through your EmpowerEd voyage and propelling you toward your educational aspirations.

Cultivating a Thriving Community

Within this community, you'll connect with kindred-spirit educators who share your vision for pioneering carpentry education. Collaborate, learn, and evolve together.

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Embrace the EmpowerEd Program today and embark on an expedition of educational excellence, collaboration, and impactful leadership.

Launching in September 2023

Carpentry Course Spotlight

Elevate Carpentry Education with VIVED Learning

Discover how the Vived Carpentry Course can amplify your students’ carpentry skills and transform their learning journey. Immerse them in engaging 3D resources aligned with industry standards. Explore the Carpentry Course that’s shaping the future of hands-on education.

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