3 Cutting-Edge Ways to Integrate Technology in your Classroom

Creative Technology in the Classroom

Looking for ways to utilise creative technology in the classroom? Look no further! The expert team at VIVED share their top tips!

In today’s digital era, the boundary between technology and education is becoming increasingly porous. While tech-centric courses are becoming a mainstay in curricula, the real challenge lies in harnessing the potential of emerging technologies to augment regular classroom activities. The VIVED Learning team delves into three imaginative avenues to push the envelope of classroom tech application.

College professor helping her students study in the library

Harness the Power of Classroom #Hashtags

Today, #hashtags are much more than trendy internet slang; they serve as digital bookmarks. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram thrive on the hashtag culture. Teachers can pioneer a unique classroom hashtag, facilitating students to tag relevant posts. This makes it simpler for both educators and students to locate and engage with classroom-centric posts.

However, uniqueness is paramount! To ensure only your classroom’s content pops up during a hashtag search, craft a distinct one. A blend of the institution’s name, course title, and ongoing semester (e.g., #SmithHighHistoryFall23) should do the trick.

Teacher helping her student learn science using an online platform

Foster Collaboration via Class Blogs

Blogs are evolving into versatile educational tools. They can function as informative newsletters or even platforms for student assignments and discussions. Platforms like Kidblog.org and Edublogger offer a seamless experience for class-wide blogging.

Reinvent writing assignments with weekly blog posts, ranging from succinct book reflections to exhaustive research analyses. And remember, conversations are key. Spur students to comment on posts, sparking dynamic classroom dialogues.

QR Code on a phone and a laptop

Interactivity Amplified with QR Codes

If you’ve been intrigued by those peculiar pixelated squares popping up everywhere, you’ve noticed QR codes. They’re the bridge connecting the physical and digital realms. Scan them with a smartphone, and you’re transported to a treasure trove of information.

Now, imagine applying this in a classroom setting. QR codes could lead students to answer keys, further reading, or even multimedia content to complement the lesson. Starting is a breeze with countless free QR code generators available online.

Considering integrating QR codes in your teaching methodology? Don’t forget to share your experiences on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

VIVED Anatomy model of the respiratory system

Unearth the Third Dimension with VIVED 3D

Take your teaching to the next dimension – literally. With VIVED 3D models, students can dissect, interact, and explore intricate subjects with newfound clarity. To get a tour of this innovative educational tool, book a call with our expert team today!

Summary: Creative Technology in the Classroom​

As the digital landscape continually evolves, educators have an exciting opportunity to weave technology seamlessly into the fabric of classroom learning. From the simple yet effective use of classroom hashtags to the dynamic realm of collaborative blogging and the interactive capabilities of QR codes, VIVED Learning demonstrates that the future of education is not just about introducing tech-focused subjects, but also about innovatively integrating technology into traditional classroom settings. By embracing these cutting-edge methods, teachers can not only enrich the learning experience but also prepare students for a world where digital fluency is paramount. Whether it’s exploring the three-dimensional wonders of VIVED Learning or diving into an online discussion on a class blog, the future of education is interactive, engaging, and undeniably digital.

 At VIVED Learning, we empower students and teachers with innovative, interactive STEM resources. Our platform contains over 1000+ fully dissectible 3D models, across STEM subjects such as Anatomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and more.

Book a call with our expert team today to learn how VIVED can boost your students engagement and learning outcomes!

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