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Boost your students carpentry skills with VIVED Learning immersive 3D learning resources

VIVED is trusted by 3000+ schools and 2,000,000 students

Learn Faster

Boost engagement and outcomes of your carpentry students. With VIVED, students have unlimited digital lab time.

Career Ready

Prepare your students for industry certification; the VIVED course is aligned to the key skills on the NOCTI certification.

Reduce Costs

Building supplies are expensive. VIVED is a cost-effective way to prepare your students for the lab, and provide extra follow-up practice.​

The next generation of carpenters are digital natives

Meet your students where they are at by delivering engaging, interactive, digital carpentry training direct to their devices.


The VIVED Carpentry course has over 64 interactive models and activities, delivered in an structured course format.

You can use our teacher resources to deliver teacher-led sessions, or your students can guide themselves through the course independently.

Plus, with our Content Creation Platform, you can use the VIVED models to create your own interactive activities. 

Explore our Exterior Wall Activity now!

Teachers love VIVED

The VIVED Carpentry method

A carpentry student in a carpentry lab

Make every minute in the lab count

We believe lab time is for hands-on learning.
The VIVED course prepares students to make the most of their lab time.

A carpentry professor demonstrates different materials to his student

Training tools available 24/7

Learning shouldn’t stop at the lab. With VIVED, students can continue training at home.

A carpentry student in a carpentry lab using a power tool

Job-ready skills

VIVED is aligned to leading NOCTI industry standards. Our students are prepared for the highest-paying positions in construction.

Build Skills Faster

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