bring anatomy, science and chemistry to life

Empowering students, teachers and trainers globally with over 1,000 interactive 3D STEM models and activities for web, mobile and VR devices.  In addition, activities can be curriculum-aligned by instructors to enhance student outcomes and improve business training.

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Enhance classroom participation, increase student engagement and comprehension with interactive science education activities.

VIVED Science is a comprehensive package of detailed, interactive content focused on aiding the learning and exploration of STEM principles throughout the K-12 standards.



Is the highest quality visual and interactive software for learning anatomy in 3D.

VIVED Anatomy enables users to view the human body and perceive spatial relationships like never before. The system is built on advanced engineering and simulation technologies.



Experiment with Chemistry Simulations

Teach with guided interactive lessons aligned to Chemistry course objectives that foster active learning principles using 3D simulations



Immersive Learning Environment

VIVED Science and Anatomy for zSpace offers students the highest level of personal immersion. See your student engagement rise. Perfect for education, government, and business applications.

Gale Interactive

VIVED and Gale, Cengage Learning have created Gale Interactive for human anatomy, science and chemistry. This unique highly visual, online learning platform helps teachers and professors teach complex topics in biology, chemistry, and earth/space science. Plus, Gale Interactive even allows you to 3D print highly realistic models and more!

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Gale Interactive: Science

VIVED’s 3D and VR Design Process 


Model asset planning begins with pre-visualization and artistic rough out of key model elements, surface features and overall object profile. The general essence of the model is established as concept art and a conceptual foundation is prepared for further refinement.


The sketch is taken from concept to finished product in the design stage. A detailed design document is crafted that contains all the requirements of the product. From this, specific details are modeled, textures are painted and animations are created for the new asset.


The newly created art asset is now presented for review certification by various content specialists and end use experts. Initial first-pass editing and iterative improvements are made and once approved, a final completed product is deployed for use.


Every art asset is considered a living product in our library - continuous improvement and refinement are a part of practical deployment. User feedback, design adjustments and content refinements all contribute to an ongoing iterative process of asset improvement.

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