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Experience the future of science education with VIVED Science immersive 3D models

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Learn Faster

The VIVED platform is perfect for teacher led learning or independent study. Students can access VIVED models at home, on any device.

Key Topics

Our portfolio of 3D models covers astronomy, botany, zoology, earth science, human anatomy, microbiology and chemistry.

Reseach Based

VIVED is built for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and based on the 5 E’s Instructional Framework.

Accelerate learning in and out of the classroom

VIVED Science innovative 3D learning models and activities are designed to accelerate learning. We ignite students’ naturally inquisitive nature and empower them to explore a science topic with a scientific mindset.


VIVED has over 250 interactive science models and activities.
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The VIVED Experience​

VIVED Science 3D models

VIVED 3D Models

VIVED 3D models are detailed and dissectible, enabling students to explore specimens layer by layer. 

The VIVED platform is intuitive to use, and students can access the library of models from any device, any where.

A student uses VIVED Science on a laptop while also using a microscope in a science lab

Covers all key Science subjects

Our library of over 250 3D models cover all major science topics, including astronomy, botany, zoology, earth science, human anatomy, microbiology, and chemistry.

The VIVED models range from microscopic structures, such as individual cells, to dissectible models of planets.

A teacher and two students use VIVED Science on a laptop in the science lab

Create bespoke content

Teachers and educators can use the VIVED library of 3D models to create their own interactive activities. The VIVED Content Creation Platform is an intuitive tool for creating high-quality, bespoke resources.

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