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Wooden House Frame

How Carpentry Skills Shape Future Engineers

Carpentry, often perceived as a traditional craft, plays a crucial role in shaping the skill sets of future engineers and architects. This blog delves into how carpentry skills lay a solid foundation for these professionals, contributing significantly to their success.

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Human Anatomy in the Renaissance, drawing of a man

The Evolution of Studying Human Anatomy

The study of human anatomy has been a cornerstone of medical knowledge for centuries. This blog explores the evolution of anatomical study from its ancient roots to the modern era, culminating in the innovative VIVED Anatomy platform.

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Hoover Damn, Infrastructure projects in America

The Most Iconic Infrastructure Projects in US History

The United States has a rich history of ambitious infrastructure projects that have not only shaped its landscape but also its identity. This blog takes you on a journey through some of the most iconic infrastructure projects in US history, highlighting their significance and the engineering feats behind them.

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Architect looking at a building and a blueprint

Exploring Diverse Careers in Construction

Carpentry, often perceived as a traditional trade, is in fact a stepping stone to a multitude of career paths in the construction industry. This blog explores how mastering carpentry skills can open doors to diverse and rewarding careers, shaping the future of aspiring professionals.

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