You are not alone: In search of solutions for online learning

Learn / Teach in 3D

Are you looking for new edtech solutions providers? 

Across the country, districts are already planning for the next school year. They are busy reviewing online learning solutions and trying to determine their value during and after the pandemic.  These solutions are designed to improve assessment scores, to perform learning management tasks, or to improve student engagement and outcomes. 

For some districts, the biggest hurdle will be supporting those students who cannot access core learning resources because they don’t have Internet access or a computer / tablet in their household.

Where will you look for help?

Local or national organizations?  Learning companies?  Peers?  How are they responding?  Is online learning working in other districts?  For those districts that are succeeding, what do the attendance or activity metrics look like thus far?  How will teachers ensure engagement and student interaction on Zoom calls during their remaining spring coursework?  What will summer and fall 2020 learning sessions look like?

Vived Learning 3D Activities

At VIVED Learning we have been focused on building our core VIVED Learning Platform as a way to create, share, and view 3D learning activities that truly engage students and help build 21st-century skills that will be valuable in the workplace someday.  We make and deliver STEM, CTE, and other subject curricula that are accessible both online and offline, are device/browser agnostic, and can track usage. Ultimately, VIVED curricula improve outcomes by engaging students, prompting them with guided, inquiry-based learning activities that are effective at tracking, assessing, and analyzing performance while keeping student data private.

While you will face many decisions that we can’t help with, we at VIVED Learning are doing our best to provide visual content that captures students’ attention and ties in to your current LMS.

Who is Vived Learning?

VIVED Learning is an Iowa-based company that serves more than one million students per year with rich content for STEM, CTE, and corporate learning.  The new VLP platform from VIVED Learning is a cloud-based, YouTube-like environment where students and teachers can quickly and easily create, publish, and share knowledge using 3D learning content—not just with videos or images, but with 3D models.  Consider, for example, a multi-layered digital 3D model of a frog.  It is not flat; it has depth—a user can examine the front and the back of the frog, zoom in to get a closer look at its lifelike, labelled parts, and dissect the frog’s parts with a mouse or touchscreen on any classroom device, including mobile devices, Chromebooks, iPads, and updated web browsers.


Contact Us

If you are an edtech publisher, district leader, or teacher who is in search of answers, we would be interested to hear from you.  We are creating a “YouTube-like” platform for 3D learning that we believe can help your school(s), districts, or country.  For more information click here or contact for a demo today.