Navigating the EdTech Landscape: How VIVED Learning Can Help

Navigating the EdTech Landscape: How VIVED Learning Can Help

In this blog we explore the world of EdTech, and how VIVED Learning 3D EdTech Solutions can help boost your student engagement and outcomes in STEM.

Exploring the world of online education? You’re not alone. As districts nationwide prepare for the upcoming school year, many are evaluating edtech solutions to enhance online learning experiences both during and post-pandemic.

A young student studies electronics and engineering using a digital platform and a model

The Challenge: Selecting the Right EdTech Solutions

School districts aim to identify tools that can elevate assessment scores, simplify learning management, and bolster student engagement. Yet, for some, ensuring every student can access core resources remains a concern, given the lack of internet connectivity or necessary devices in many households.

Students learning at school using tablets

Where to Seek Guidance?

Should you turn to local organizations, national bodies, or edtech companies? How about insights from fellow educators? Which districts are seeing success with online learning, and what metrics are they using? As schools navigate the challenges of ensuring student engagement in virtual spaces, what can we expect for the rest of the school year and beyond?

VIVED Anatomy model of the respiratory system

Discover VIVED Learning

VIVED Learning stands out in this evolving landscape. We’ve been tirelessly refining our flagship VIVED Learning Platform, aiming to offer 3D educational activities that truly resonate with students. Our curricula, spanning STEM, CTE, and other subjects, are accessible on any device and can function both online and offline. The focus? Engage students with interactive, inquiry-driven tasks, all while maintaining rigorous privacy standards for student data.

VIVED Chemistry 3D models

Explore VIVED

Based in Iowa, VIVED Learning serves over a million students annually, offering immersive content for STEM, CTE, and corporate education. The innovative VLP platform is akin to a cloud-based “YouTube for 3D content.” Imagine a detailed 3D model of a frog. It’s not just a flat image; users can interact with it, exploring every angle, zooming into lifelike components, or even dissecting it digitally on any classroom device.

 At VIVED Learning, we empower students and teachers with innovative, interactive STEM resources. Our platform contains over 1000+ fully dissectible 3D models, across STEM subjects such as Anatomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and more.

Book a call with our expert team today to learn how VIVED can boost your students engagement and learning outcomes!

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