North Cedar Community School District Adopts Vived Science

VIVED Science in the Classroom

Welcome to the new Learning Leader series! In this blog, we look at how using VIVED Science in the classroom has boosted student engagement in the North Cedar Community School District.

Mechanicsville, IOWA—On March 25, the innovative technology of VIVED Science was implemented into the North Cedar Community School District.

The district purchased a system for the students in an effort to enhance engagement and curriculum personalization. The installed package, VIVED Science, is educational software paired with the zSpace desktop system and intuitive stylus. Using this device, students can view STEM topics in a 3D environment and utilize a stylus to virtually pull apart and explore the models.

Teacher showing his students how to use VIVED science in the classroom

'Wow' Factor Education

“VIVED Science has both the ‘Wow’ factor that is attractive to students, and the content behind it that we know will make our students more curious,” said Michael Cooper, North Cedar Community School District superintendent. “A huge component of science is how to engage students’ curiosity and we feel this will assist us in doing that.”

Cooper heard about VIVED’s  innovative technology at a conference he attended in the fall, and shortly afterwards connected with VIVED distributor, Moss. With 45 distributors located worldwide, Moss is VIVED Learning’s Midwest distributor.

As one of the largest and most progressive educational technology suppliers in the Midwest, Moss furthers VIVED’s mission of enhancing education. As a leader in K-12 technology and software, VIVED revolves around three main values:

  • Quality is vital
  • Interactivity is essential
  • Visuals must be believable and realistic


With these key ideas in mind, the company succeeds in creating life-like models that strengthen classroom learning. 


At VIVED Learning, we empower students and teachers with innovative, interactive STEM resources. Our platform contains over 1000+ fully dissectible 3D models, across STEM subjects such as Anatomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and more.

Book a call with our expert team today to learn how VIVED can boost your students engagement and learning outcomes!

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