The Future of Anatomy Education: VIVED Anatomy 3D’s Integration at Kirkwood Community College

The Future of Anatomy Education: VIVED Anatomy 3D's Integration at Kirkwood Community College

VIVED Anatomy arrives at Kirkwood Community College. Read this blog to hear how the VIVED platform is bringing innovation to anatomy classes! 

In the realm of anatomy education, the integration of advanced technology is paving the way for more immersive and interactive learning experiences. One such groundbreaking tool is VIVED Anatomy 3D, which is making waves in educational institutions, including Kirkwood’s Iowa City Campus.

VIVED Learning, based in Coralville, Iowa, recently collaborated with Kirkwood’s Iowa City Campus. Their mission? To install the state-of-the-art VIVED Anatomy 3D software onto a MimioBoard and laptops. This initiative aims to enhance the Anatomy & Physiology Lecture and Lab courses at Kirkwood.

David Hall, a respected Professor of Anatomy & Physiology at Kirkwood’s Iowa City campus, shared his insights on this collaboration.

VIVED Anatomy model of the respiratory system

Customer Experience

“We wanted to add a cadaver-like component to our science curriculum because we believe it will be a very powerful teaching tool,” said David Hall. “We knew we were never going to be able to get a real cadaver, but VIVED Anatomy 3D allows us to replicate that experience. It’s very important to students going into health-based careers to learn aspects of the human body and to manipulate the anatomy.”

The challenges of procuring cadavers for educational purposes are not unique to Kirkwood. Many institutions face similar hurdles, as detailed in our post: Cadaver use hindered by religious factors and other obstacles. However, VIVED Anatomy 3D offers a solution, providing easy access to detailed anatomy materials.

Hall further emphasized the flexibility and accessibility of the software, stating, “We really like VIVED Anatomy 3D and our goal is to have students take it with them. When working with a cadaver, students would have to go to a lab but with VIVED Anatomy, they can access the software while at school or from home and in the future from their mobile devices.”

In a bid to further enhance the user experience, VIVED Science recently conducted a training session at the Kirkwood campus. This session, attended by instructors, was a two-way learning experience. While the instructors had their queries addressed, the VIVED Science team gained invaluable feedback.

Excitingly, based on the feedback from this event, VIVED Science is gearing up to launch a series of video tutorials. These tutorials, focusing on VIVED Science 3D and VIVED Anatomy 3D, will soon be available on the VIVED Science 3D YouTube account and this blog.

In Summary: Career Choices in 3D Modeling

The integration of VIVED Anatomy 3D at Kirkwood’s Iowa City Campus signifies a leap into the future of anatomy education. As technology continues to evolve, tools like VIVED Anatomy 3D will play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape, offering students a richer, more comprehensive learning experience.

 At VIVED Learning, we empower students and teachers with innovative, interactive STEM resources. Our platform contains over 1000+ fully dissectible 3D models, across STEM subjects such as Anatomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and more.

Book a call with our expert team today to learn how VIVED can boost your students engagement and learning outcomes!

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