The VIVED Learning Mission​

Making STEM education accessible and engaging for everyone

A teacher and two students use VIVED Science on a laptop in the science lab


Since 2007, VIVED Learning has been shaping the future of educational content creation in the sciences. Our award-winning platform uses interactive 3D content to enrich students STEM studies and boost learning outcomes.

Our first product, Cyber Anatomy Med VR, was developed in response to a need in developing countries that experience difficulties obtaining cadavers for medical training. This award-winning product enabled anatomy students to experience dissection, virtually, for the first time.

The VIVED Learning Platform

After the success of our first product, we developed the VIVED platform; a library of over 1000+ 3D STEM models and activities for K-12 students.

We have partnered with leaders in STEM education , such as ELSEVIER, Gale and Cengage learning, to bring the VIVED learning platform to over 3000 schools and 2,000,000 students across the USA.

Partners with Leaders in Education

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Students can explore a 3D model of the entire human body, and dissect it layer-by-layer.


Explore Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Earth Science, Engines and more.


 Explore the periodic table and experience chemical reactions as if you were in a lab. 


Aspiring woodworkers can learn their trade anywhere with our 3D models and activities.