Career Choices in 3D Modeling

Top 7 Career Choices in 3D Modeling

Want to know what the top career choices in 3D modeling are? Our blog by Estelle Liotard explains 7 top careers you can pursue with 3D modeling skills!

3D modeling is increasingly essential, benefiting 3D modelers across industries. The wide application of 3D modeling means that you need to refine your skills and select software tailored to specific career aspirations. Hence, settling on a distinct 3D modeling career path can guide you in keeping abreast of the latest tools and technologies.

Career Choices in 3D Modeling:
How 3D Modeling is Shaping the Future of Various Industries

Having a clear vision of the 3D modeling trajectory you want helps in staying current with technological shifts. Plus, potential employers highly value this dedication to a specific sector.

Being a 3D modeler offers a variety of opportunities to suit your interests. So, let’s delve into some exciting career avenues in the realm of 3D modeling. 

Video creator makes an animation on a laptop

3D Animation

3D animation serves a myriad of digital needs, requiring you to craft moving 3D images within digital settings. It’s a popular choice for marketing, presentations, and app creation. Take Bitmoji, for instance, which lets users craft their personalized 3D emojis. Research indicates a promising 6% growth in animation job opportunities by 2024. This path offers a dynamic work environment with various short-term projects.

Construction workers review plans for a house


3D modeling in architecture is about creating building prototypes. Such models accelerate design processes, enable architects to experiment, and preempt potential issues. You’ll also get to design landscapes and surroundings, not just buildings.

3D Modeller designing a product using digital software

Product Design and Manufacturing

Here, you’ll play pivotal roles in product conceptualization and assembly. 3D models grant designers insights into a product’s functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, 3D tools make the assembly process transparent, saving companies both time and money.

Two people are playing a video game together

Video Games

If the gaming world beckons you, then 3D modeling in this sphere can be ideal. The gaming industry is projected to grow by 12% annually over 2020-2025. Amidst surging competition, job roles for 3D modelers are proliferating. Here, you’d engage in character design, city layouts, and even whole virtual worlds. However, note that this domain is challenging, with ever-evolving settings and player-driven changes. A background in Game Art or Game Development coupled with 3D modeling can make you a sought-after talent.

People in the cinema watching a 3D Film

Movie Industry

For film enthusiasts, 3D modeling can be a gateway into movie production. Whether it’s animated films or those with graphics, 3D models are integral. Besides, it provides exposure to elite 3D software and various tools to blend assets and visual effects.

A content creator uses VIVED to create educational, interactive science activities

Educational Models

As education embraces technology, there’s a surge in demand for 3D simulators. These tools help students learn actively, preparing them for real-world tasks. Collaborative projects like the one between Safari Montage and Vivid Learning exemplify how dynamic 3D models can bring subjects like science to life.

A teacher delivers a science lesson remotely

Training Courses

Craft virtual training setups for professionals. Your creations will simulate real-world tools, from pilot cockpits to machinery, ensuring risk-free and efficient training.

In Summary: Career Choices in 3D Modeling

3D modeling offers a spectrum of rewarding job roles and impressive remunerations. The best part? The sheer diversity ensures that there’s something for everyone, aligning with personal passions. Could one ask for more?

Author Bio: Estelle Liotard is a senior technology writer with expertise in 3D modeling, AI, blockchain, and more. She currently contributes as a senior writer and educates at marketing conferences.

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