VIVED Chemistry

Periodic Table - Properties: Electronegativity

VIVED Chemistry is a set of high quality virtual labs and simulations for learning Chemistry in 3D. It enables learners to review Chemistry concepts at their own pace using guided interactive simulations that are both visually stunning and comprehensive.

The VIVED Chemistry simulations were designed to support Chemistry instruction in and out of the classroom using accurate visual representations in the form of an interactive periodic table, atom builder, bonding simulator, gas law, balancing chemical equations, and organic reactions.

Each simulation includes a guided description designed to engage students and effectively illustrate chemistry concepts for middle school, high school and even colllege and university users.


  • Visualize in 3D to gain unsurpassed understanding of chemistry concepts
  • Most accurate 3D Chemistry simulations, created and validated by high school and university teachers and professors
  • Detailed Chemistry Concepts
  • Over 100 3D Chemistry Concepts
  • A variety of interactive tools provide the user with full control of the 3D model

Interactive in 3D

Employing camera functions such as a zoom, rotate, pan, and the user is able to examine and manipulate the scene.


Atomic Structure, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Atomic and Mass Number, Isotopes, Ions, Oxidation States, Data, Groups, Periods, Blocks, Protons, Electrons, Atomic Number, Properties, Periodic Law and Trends, Ionic vs. Covalent Bonding, Nonpolar and Polar Covalent Bonding, Bonds, Ions, Atom Ratio, Molecule Shape, Ideal and Relational Gas Laws, Change Variables, Hold Variables Constant (other properties of molecules)


A powerful search engine is provided to manage access to the internal database. Searches show concepts in a sorted view that’s easy to navigate and explore.


Embedded quizzing feature challenges student to learn chemistry concepts and answer multiple choice questions.

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