Vived Carpentry

Develop carpentry skills virtually in 3D

Improve Carpentry Skills Engagement with 3D Interactive Learning Resources

Boost your carpentry skills with immersive 3D learning resources

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Reduce building supply costs, provide students more lab time

As many carpentry instructors are aware, building supplies are very expensive, students need more practice time, and understanding three dimensional concepts are challenging to visualize.

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Foster student engagement.

At Vived Learning, we have developed a set of 3D models, interactive games and virtual assessment solutions to aid students in their learning process. Many of today’s students are visual learners. They interact through cell phones and they learn from their peers or content they find online. So why not meet them where they are? Upon completion, students are rewarded with fulfilling work, high wages, and a range of opportunities.

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Match 3D interactives to trade school training goals

Choose from a library of 3D pull-apart models specific to carpentry subject areas. We help your students to quickly grasp difficult tasks. So, whether you’re brand new to teaching carpentry or are currently working and want to advance your teaching practices, Vived Carpentry can help your trade school.

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Attract more students to your carpentry school

Take advantage of our Vived Carpentry 3D interactive digital media resources that map easily with any formal construction training at any carpentry trade school and can make your program more attractive to potential students.

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Boost student participation

Many of your students are coming from different backgrounds. Some students have experience in carpentry and others are brand new to the trades. Level the playing field using 3D interactives that capture students’ attention and make it easier for students to learn quickly while preparing them for the highest-paying positions in construction, such as cost estimator and construction manager.