Vived Learning Platform

A revolutionary new tool for educational content creation

Men sitting in front of two monitors working on 3D rendering

VLP is designed to provide universal access to high-quality educational content creation tools, regardless of location or resources.

With the Vived Learning Platform, content producers, teachers, and students can create engaging presentations from an existing library of 3D models, 3D labs, 3D simulations, and more right from the web browser using a no-code interface that is easy-to-use and deploy.

This innovative approach to educational content creation has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn.

Schedule a meeting today to gain early-access to this revolutionary 3D interactive creation platform where content producers or subject-matter experts, 3D artists, and game developers can seamlessly collaborate online to develop new learning resources for the educational publishing and edtech community using our 3D interactive learning platform “the Vived Learning Platform”.