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So many fields including Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Carpentry, Chemistry, Earth Science, Engines and more!

Foster Curiosity in STEM​

By stimulating curiosity among STEM students, we can instill a lifelong passion for knowledge . This could open up doors to career opportunities!

Learn Human Anatomy Virtually

Ditch the textbooks – students can dive into an interactive experience of exploration and discover the amazing wonders that make up our human body!

Explore Chemistry in 3D

3D interactives unlock a new world of learning possibilities, enabling students to explore  the periodic table and experience chemical reactions as if they were in a lab. 

Develop Carpentry Skills Online

Carpentry skill building is no longer confined to the workshop! With interactive 3D simulations and models, aspiring woodworkers can learn their trade from any location. 

Study Botany from Anywhere

Unlock the wonders of botany with engaging 3D models! Study plants for personal enrichment or launch a career in horticulture, environmental science and beyond. +

Teach Engineering Concepts and More

Educators have a vital role in cultivating students’ scientific understanding and inspiring analytical thinking. 

Earth Science

Anywhere, Virtually​

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Interactive 3D Media Features

Step into an entirely new world and explore a vision of the future — one with groundbreaking, interactive 3D content!

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Dissectible 3D Models

Our software puts the power of exploration in your hands. With virtually dissectible 3D models, you can uncover hidden depths and get an inside look!

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3D Editing in Real-time

Transform your curriculum with our easy-to-use 3D presentation editing tool, allowing you to customize and integrate a full range of assets.

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Quizzes & Assessments

Stimulate student engagement and learning by quizzing with immersive 3D models! Immerse them in a creative assessment environment that encourages exploration of knowledge.

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1000+ 3D Models

Step into a brilliant world of 3D exploration and knowledge retention with 1000+ dynamic models, designed to engage students in new ways!


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How Carpentry Skills Shape Future Engineers

Carpentry, often perceived as a traditional craft, plays a crucial role in shaping the skill sets of future engineers and architects. This blog delves into how carpentry skills lay a solid foundation for these professionals, contributing significantly to their success.

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Human Anatomy in the Renaissance, drawing of a man

The Evolution of Studying Human Anatomy

The study of human anatomy has been a cornerstone of medical knowledge for centuries. This blog explores the evolution of anatomical study from its ancient roots to the modern era, culminating in the innovative VIVED Anatomy platform.

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The Most Iconic Infrastructure Projects in US History

The United States has a rich history of ambitious infrastructure projects that have not only shaped its landscape but also its identity. This blog takes you on a journey through some of the most iconic infrastructure projects in US history, highlighting their significance and the engineering feats behind them.

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Teachers Love our Products
David Butler, Poneto, INBiology, Southern Wells High School​
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I've used Vived Science in my Biology and Earth Science classes for over three years. It has added a whole new dynamic to my classroom. The activities have truly enhanced student learning and engagement.
Warren Utsler, Springdale, AR​Art Teacher, Don Tyson School of Innovation
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Vived Science on the zSpace allows students to interact with virtual 3D models that appear in space between themselves and the computer using specialized glasses. Lessons are provided for all grades levels for student to interact with, explore and learn.​
Dr. Tonia Warzecha, Sioux Falls, SD​Superintendent of Schools, Dakota Valley School District
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Vived Science will allow students to conduct dry dissections on 3D cadavers. When they’re in their biomedical classes, they can actually explore the human body without ever having to leave the classroom.​