VIVED Carpentry Teacher Guide

Welcome to the VIVED Carpentry Course Teacher Guide!

As the backbone of our learning community, we’ve curated resources to assist you in guiding your students towards mastery in carpentry. 

Start with our quick-start video to familiarize yourself with the platform, then delve deeper with our Scope and Sequence and sample lesson plan. 

Together, let’s shape the next generation of skilled carpenters! 

Quickstart Guide

This 90 second tutorial video will show you how to navigate through the VIVED Carpentry Course and materials

VIVED Learning scope and sequence document

Scope and Sequence

Want a detailed overview of the topics covered in the VIVED Carpentry Course? Our Scope and Sequence document covers an overview of each module, and a breakdown of the content in each lesson.

VIVED Learning Wall Framing Lesson Plan

Sample Lesson Plan and Instructor Guide

Each lesson in the VIVED Carpentry course has a lesson plan and instructor guide, providing you with all the information and resources you need.
Take a look at a sample lesson plan here.

Resources to share with your students

We’ve created resources especially for students to get them started on their VIVED Carpentry journey! You can find more information on our dedicated student guide page here.

Together, let’s shape the next generation of skilled carpenters! 

Student Quickstart Guide
This one minute tutorial video will show your students how to navigate through the VIVED Carpentry Course.

5 Steps to Supercharge your Carpentry Learning
Boost your students’ carpentry studies with our guide, using the VIVED course, additional resources and practical projects.

Building Skills, Building Futures. Your Career in Construction Ebook

Your Career in Construction Ebook
This ebook guides your students through the many options for future careers in the construction industry.

Yes! VIVED Carpentry is designed to be used at school and at home. Infact, VIVED Carpentry can be accessed anywhere you can get online!

You and your students can access the VIVED Carpentry course on any device; laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Our interactive 3D Models and activities are very detailed, so for this reason we do not recommend using a smartphone when exploring the interactive models.

No, VIVED Carpentry is designed to be used without a VR Headset.

Yes! VIVED Carpentry is integrated with ZSpace.

The VIVED Carpentry course is designed to be flexible depending on your requirements. You can deliver the lessons in teacher-led classes, or let your students access the course independently.

Yes, VIVED Carpentry is perfect for delivering ‘flipped learning’ lessons. Students can learn independently at home using the VIVED Course. Then, they can apply their new skills in a practical way in the lab.

Each VIVED Carpentry lesson is designed to be delivered in 15 minutes.
However, your students can continue to explore the resources for many hours beyond the initial lesson.

Yes, each lesson in the VIVED Carpentry Course contains an assessment at the end to help students gauge their understanding of the topic.

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to learning key skills. That’s why a VIVED site licence is just $1999 / year. Contact our team to find out more!

Yes, the VIVED Carpentry Course is aligned to the key skills on the NOCTI certification.

Yes, we have a free trial account to help you get started. Contact us to receive access.

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All VIVED Schools have dedicated support to ensure you and your students get the best experience possible.

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