VIVED Chemistry

vived chemistry

Our curriculum-aligned, interactive learning activities are designed to help students think more critically and inspire student curiosity and collaboration in chemistry.

VIVED Chemistry interactive learning solutions are designed to make learning chemistry easier and more fun for students. We have collaborated with leading experts in the scientific and engineering communities to create a scope and sequence set of activities in chemistry, for: elements, molecules and compounds, inorganic chemistry, crystals, and organic chemistry.

We use the 5 E’s Instructional Framework to inspire student curiosity around basic and complex chemistry concepts. Each activity begins with a question and it’s the student goal to uncover the answer using engaging interactive simulations.

VIVED Chemistry facilitates learning and retention by aligning detailed modelling and interaction with the latest chemistry modules and curricula used in schools across the nation.

Features & Benefits

  • Formative Assessment through Interaction
    VIVED Chemistry features built-in ungraded formative assessment tools for gauging concept proficiency, which enables an effective, personalized teaching approach.
  • Detailed Visual Representations of Chemistry Concepts
    Built-in interactive functions include: a comprehensive view of molecules, a periodic table for easy referencing, and repeatable 3D experiments that allow students to grasp each step and concept with ease.
  • Pre-Lab or Pre-Examination Recaps
    VIVED Chemistry allows quick review of chemistry elements before a lab session or examination. Interactive software tools provide highly organized information for easy reference alongside engaging quizzes.

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