Vived Science

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VIVED Science’s innovative guided inquiry-based 3D learning presentations are designed to accelerate learning. We help ignite students’ naturally inquisitive nature and empower them to explore a science topic with a scientific mindset. We want them to ask questions, think critically, and come up with new ideas. Students are encouraged, rather than teachers bring solutions to everyday problems.

Features and Benefits

Portfolio of content features

Our portfolio of content features hundreds of 3D models for astronomy, botany, zoology, earth science, human anatomy, microbiology, and chemistry.

Truly dissect the layers

We allow students to truly dissect the layers of the models in order to uncover the mysteries of science on their own, in pairs, or as a group..

Learning experience can be enhanced in AR/VR

The VIVED Science learning experience can be enhanced in AR/VR by using the zSpace platform. We also offer support for most digital classroom devices, including mobile, PC, Mac and web.

Research-based, interactive solutions

Our research-based, interactive solutions are built for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and based on the 5 E’s Instructional Framework.

Built-in formative assessment

Built-in formative assessment is layered into each activity to challenge student understanding in a private and friendly environment at their own pace.